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Roseline Koener
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Roseline Koener Artist     
Roseline Koener

Roseline Koener -Artists Statement


My adventurous journey as an artist has been focused on   accessing the magic pool of vibrant colors and life forces   deep within me.  

I marvel at the infinite richness and divine beauty of colors,   sounds, patterns, textures and fragrance of Mother Nature.  

I am inspired and amazed by the powerful and dynamic   cycles of life, which generate newness and oneness.

The circular movements of planets and every cell, the   miraculous growth of plants and mountains, the morning’s  explosion of roses and the buoyancy of ocean waves fascinate me. 

A balance between spontaneity and maturation guides

my process. I let my intuition initiate the first layers of colors, materials and gestures, which take me into a vast unknown full of creative energy. My mind becomes a creative servant while my spontaneous heart takes the lead. 

While painting, I activate the energetic power of colors that embody life forces and spirit. These colors, which are unique in frequencies, emerge organically layer after layer to their own rhythm.  My paintings then become   a kind of intimate “living art.” They need to be felt by the heart in order to be seen. 

I enjoy the progressive emergence of lively colors surfacing: in fields, in lines, in structured and unstructured patterns, creating a dialogue with one another.

Painting to me is as essential as breathing air in nature. My creative process is spiritual, vital and intimate, allowing the joy of communing with the

bliss of colors and wild forces gushing out from the Source. 

Painting is a way to chant and celebrate life’s creative magic and beauty.

Exhibiting my art is a way to bring forth and share with people the same lifeblood and Spirit that is alive in them. 


Scrapers of Love 20- Roseline Koener
       In 2014, I went into a recycled material store and was immediately attracted by recycled textiles cones. I felt inspired to create four columns like totems with colors, threads and fabrics. I experimented the three dimensional space by creating sculptures
      Two years ago, I created nine columns interacting with each other.

For each column, I used particular colors that contrasted with one another when placed together in a space. For example, in one column, dark purple and blue circles interrupted the vertical continuity of the light, lime yellow. 

      In another column, I played with reds and oranges to contrast the fresh greens and dark blue circles. Letting the columns interconnect and play with each other like multiple voices in Pygmy polyphonies was a challenge; a challenge that gave me the opportunity to create beautiful, colorful and coherent sculptures with a feeling from origins. 




FRAGRANCE OF A ROSE, 2017- Roseline Koener


For Fragrance of a Rose, I sewed different neutral and colored papers together as if I was creating an architectural design. I added borders that would both contain and open the spaces up. I felt like I was creating an inner sacred garden. 


I applied on different sewed pieces of a bright transparent golden yellow, summer plain green, and fresh light turquoise, with counterpoints with  pink, cadmium reds and blues. Some spaces were emptier, creating breathable areas within the painting.


The multiple borders contain fields of energies contracting and expanding according to colors: the pink plain circle, the green lime and the grapefruit yellow. Colors soften or/and strengthen each other.


“Every morning

 All those pink and green doors

 Into the sea…               

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