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    Event-Youngblood's Film Screening
    September 29,2006
    7:00 P.M. Sharp
    107 W. 130th Street, NY, NY 10027
    Donation $10 for the Roof Fund
    Please Contribute More If You Can

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    Event-NAMA JAMA
    107 W. 130th Street
    Off of Lenox
    NY,NY 10027
    Every Monday Night
    Contribution $5 the biggest bargain in NY


    Event-The Youngbloods Jazz Quartet
    107 W. 130th Street
    Off of Lenox
    NY, NY 10027
    October 13,2006
    October 26, 2006 9:00P.M.

    The Youngbloods Jazz Quartet

    107 W. 130th Street
    Off of Lenox
    NY, NY 10027
    Every Third Saturday of the Month


    New Amsterdam Musical Association
    September 2006

    Welcome to the first email issue of our newsletter, NAMA NOTES. It contains up-to-date listings of events at NAMA and articles by and /or about our musicians and members. In upcoming monthly issues we will relate some of the colorful history of our 102 year old musical organization and tell you about our goal of revitalizing this historic club. Please join us at one or all of the events listed, satisfy your musical appetite and meet the folks that make up the NAMA organization. Please send to a friend.

    Barbara V. Pyatt, Corresponding Secretary, NAMA

    Notes from John E. Johnson

    It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the NAMA Family and to celebrate the successes of our previous season and our ability to think, plan and work together as a family and not be afraid to speak out to each other to resolve differences , make decisions and get the job done.

    It is essential to realize the importance of NAMA not only for us, but for the generations to come. It is in our hands and our responsibility.

    Just as NAMA is the roof or umbrella for the many parts that make it up and we are always working on those parts to make NAMA strong, our roof on the NAMA building needs help. It needs to be replaced and we are dedicated to giving all we can to make that happen. So please support NAMA every Monday night, come to the special events and give a little extra to our Roofing Campaign if you can. Let's work together to make NAMA the organization that we know it can be.

    Youngbloods at the ApolloUPCOMING EVENTS
    "The Youngbloods" Screening Sept 29

    This film focuses on a group of young black jazz musicians. The main characters, most in their twenties, join the oldest Afro-American jazz organization in the United States, New Amsterdam Musical Association (NAMA.) They form a group called “The Youngbloods.”

    The Youngbloods jazz jam came from an idea Shanelle D. Jenkins, 26, a trumpeter, and Christopher S. Hall, her coeval, a bass and trombone player, had after a Monday night get together at NAMA. “We know we are not the only young people in the area into jazz and we thought wouldn’t it be great if we could bring all of our friends here to see what we see.” What they saw at 130th Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem, was veteran jazzmen ready to mentor the next generation of jazz players, men and women.

    Jazz is being kept alive, more than a century after its inception and more than one hundred years after pioneers established NAMA, because of people such as the four central characters in this film: Shanelle D. Jenkins, Christopher S. Hall, Charles Lovell and Edwin Briscoe. Together with the “venerable professors of the jazz jam,” they too are teaching and mentoring eager musicians. One is the fifth character, saxophone player, Benjamin Timbers, Jr. “Mr. White Gloves.”

    Youngbloods Jazz Quartet Website
    Willie Morris MitchellMEMBER OF THE MONTH
    Willie Morris Mitchell, Pianist, Teacher

    Willie Morris Mitchell - is an extremely talented, versatile musician and superb educator. He has performed throughout the metropolitan area with many legendary musicians and has been a member and teacher at NAMA for many years.

    A member of the United Federation of Teachers he taught in the New York City Public School System, at The Children's School in Brooklyn, NY where he was honored for his exemplary record.

    Now retired he devotes an enormous amount of time and knowledge to his NAMA students. He teaches piano, voice, harmony and theory to adults interested in furthering their musical wisdom, career or those who just want to perform well. He is an asset to the organization and we thank him for his ongoing musical teaching program and for all the great performances at NAMA events.

    Full story
    Willie MackABOUT JAZZART
    By Willie Mack, Chairman

    The JazzArt theory is based on the scientific fact that sounds and colors are both vibrations in the electromagnetic spectrum. Although they appear to our senses to be different types of experience, they are physically very similar: Colors are sound, but at a much higher electromagnetic frequency. Therefore, color and sound are much more closely related than it first appears.

    The Jazzartist is one who is able to put colors to music-- to play the colors, by creatively exploring the link between color and sound. The featured instruments are saxophone, flute, and bass clarinet. Presentations are done in solo, as well as with, a drummer, bassist, pianist, and vocalist. Our presentations conclude with a jazz jam session.

    The current members of JazzArt are: Willie Mack, on saxophone, flute, and bass clarinet Charles Lovell, pianist Kim Austin, vocalist Ruby Reeves, poet Nobu Urishiyama, percussionist.

    Willie Mack, Jazzartist, is a saxophonist and flutist who has played throughout Europe as part of La Mama's European company, and with his own group, the Willie Mack Quartet. He is Chairman of the New Amsterdam Musical Association (NAMA), the oldest association of professional black musicians, organized as a response to segregationist attitudes toward them, the musicians, and the music that they were producing. NAMA is a non-profit organization.

    Willie Mack JazzArt Website
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    The New Amsterdam Musical Association (NAMA), the nation's oldest Black musical organization has recently opened it's famous Monday night jam sessions to the public where beginners can jam alongside seasoned musicians. NAMA IS the Jazz Heart of Harlem.

    Consultant and Photographs for Newsletter - Carole Newhouse

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