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Outdoor Sculpture Makes Landscape Come Alive
by Carole I. Newhouse, Newhouse Art Associates, Inc.

A well designed landscape involves enhancing a property after taking into consideration your needs and use of space. As with an indoor space, an outdoor space should reflect who you are, your habits, likes and dislikes.

You need to create a relationship between the home and the outdoor space taking into consideration visual goals and budget. Just as you would incorporate art into an indoor space, placing art in your outdoor space is just an extension of the home. A sculpture as part of the landscape makes the area come alive and brings a new and exciting dimension to the space.

Choosing a garden sculpture is a personal decision. You might respond to an animal like a beautiful elephant or a friendly dog or a personable duck might appeal to you. There are lovely graceful dancers and abstract forms to set off your garden. It is best to visit the extraordinary Outdoor Sculpture Gardens and Studio of Denis Curtiss and pick a sculpture that brings you joy

Placing a piece of sculpture in the garden environment can only bring you pleasure as you enjoy it year round and as the seasons change you see how the sculpture consistently enhances your property. So visit the studio of Denis Curtiss and start your adventure.

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Dancer-Denis Cutiss

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