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                                          Paintings and Collage-Nancy Egol Nikkal

Nancy at Easel

I have worked seriously in collage since 1985. It was (and still is) a commitment to expressing visual imagery in paint and paper. I love working with paper, creating with paper, and touching, tearing and gluing paper.

My first collages, mythical portraits titled Mella, included paper fragments appropriated from periodicals like National Geographic magazine. I called these puzzle pieces because of the incredible detail. In 1990, my collages became painterly abstract grids with series titled Sentinel, Silence, and Talk Talk. In 1995 I began to create my own inventory of hand-painted papers; a palette of collage papers with the color, detail and surface texture I needed. Recent collages, in a series titled Cactus (completed from 2001-2002), include iconic portraits of the saguaro cactus in mixed media collage, pencil, oil, wax, and ink.
Commisions upon request 

Jazz Babies 6-Nancy Egol Nikkal

Jazz Notes 4 acrylic and collage on paper

The Meaning of Collage

Collage is our most modern art form. Its art history spans almost 100 years. Modern masters like Picasso, Matisse, Pollack and Motherwell were collage artists, and their collage masterpieces (and the collages of other great moderns) are displayed in the greatest museums throughout the world.

What is the origin of collage?

It all started in France in 1912 when Picasso introduced collage into one of his oil paintings – he glued a piece of wood grain wallpaper into the picture plane. The intent was to create a pictorial enigma. Picasso’s invention led to a radical change in our perception of art. Other artists were inspired to follow in Picasso’s footsteps, to explore the materiality of paper and other collage additions to their paintings. Shortly photomontage evolved as a genre; artists like Kurt Schwitters incorporated text and found papers into formalist abstract works (the collage was the work). Collage led to photomontage, surrealism, dadaism, constructivism, and to other 20th century art movements throughout Europe and the United States.

Collage changed our perception of what great art is and what great art can look like. Collage gave modern artists permission to explore what art can be.

Jazz Babies 5-Nancy Egol Nikkal

Jazz Notes -acrylic and collage on paper
Jazz Notes 6-acrylic and collage on paper

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Commisions and additional paintings upon request.

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