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Bruce Helander-Bars and Stripes Forever

Inspired by the Bernie Madoff scandal, Bruce Helander has created a celebrated and provocative design incorporating an unusual dart board background, which has been transformed into a colorful, hand embellished limited edition fine art print. The image titled "Bars and Stripes Forever!" shows Madoff in the eye of a swirling "storm" of controversy, surrounded by iconic symbols of the famous resort and wealthy community of Palm Beach, Florida. The well-known swindler played a painful game with many of the residents of Palm Beach County, and now he has unwillingly ended up as the subject of a game that supports charity. Madoff is metaphorically connected to targeting unsuspecting people, so now he has become the bull’s-eye in the target design.

The "Jail Bird" prints, as they have been nicknamed, are for sale.  The individual prints are $900 each. The original collage has been sold. After the first 25 prints are sold, the price will increase to $1,800 each. After the next 50 of these are sold at $1,800 each, the last 25 prints in the edition will be sold for $2,800 each. A generous portion of the print sales benefits Autism Speaks.

Due to the unprecedented coverage of this print image in the local and national press, including NBC News and various newspapers, the future sale of individual prints from this limited edition is dependant on availability, and therefore cannot be guaranteed delivery under any circumstances. Samples of some recent articles in the press can be found on this page. Shipping and handling are billed at cost. MasterCard, Visa and American Express are acceptable forms of payment.

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