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Roberto Moreno Studio

Roberto Moreno

Reflections on his paintings.

Nouveau Mythe: Communication from the past, present and future leaving a question mark for what's ahead, do we really communicate?

Le Rien: (nothingness) fills up the universe transforming it and making everything part of it (part of an earlier meditation series)

L'ecrit II: scripture of past, present and future melting together awaiting for answers.

Structure Mystique: mysticism ever-present in the intimate creation process.

Continuum: no beginning, no end, the universe around us.

Wisdom: silence, vacancy, being able to see the world through the ripples of the water.

Silencieuse: white bee, silent, flying through a golden garden unnoticed.

Syllable in Blue 30x24
We use syllables to communicate and they carry colors with them along with our thoughts.

Hope II a diptych 24x30
Taking a journey inwards and hoping to be able to send back treasures found during the peril.

Journey of Discovery 44x44.jpg
Journey of Discovery 44"x44"-Roberto Moreno

Non-Duality 54x72.jpg
Non-Duality 54x72- Roberto Moreno

Syllable in Blue 24x30-Roberto Moreno

Printemps 54x70- Roberto Moreno

Hope 11 Dyptich

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More paintings and commissions available by Roberto Moreno.
Please call or e-mail.

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