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Review of Dale Chihuly Exhibition
by Carole Newhouse
Run don't walk to this incredible exhibition that is a delight to see. The New York Botanical Garden is host to the installations by Dale Chihuly, a world renowned artist who first studied glassblowing at the prestigious Venini glass factory on the Island of Murano.

It is a lovely walk from one installation to another and it is also possible to take the tram.

My favorite installation was in the Haupt Conservatory with two Reflection Pools. Each had a rowboat filled with glass; one in blues and violets, the other yellows and greens which reflected into the pool. The pools also included floating large glass pieces in oranges, yellows, greens and blues in a myriad of shapes.

There was a lovely installation resembling flamingos set among the tall grasses.

A row of red stalks (spikes of Garden Grass) was stuck into a zen like garden which lined the exterior wall of the conservatory.

Walking through the conservatory there were brilliant installations serenely sitting among the plants. Delicate Ikebana works of a vessel and several stems resembling the Japanese art form of arranging flowers.

Chandeliers hung from the ceiling overwhelming one just when you thought Dale Chihuly had succeeded in surprising you, you turned a corner and there was something more brilliant.

The Rose Garden had a lovely installation of different shades and shapes of blue. A garden of glass forms superbly placed to create a true vision of flowers.

The Nolen greenhouses housed the Macchia series of beautifully shaped bowls on stands in varying colors of reds, blues, yellows and greens created another vision of lovliness.

I have been to Israel to see the installation in the Tower of David and will always be able to bring that image to mind, just as I will remember this exquisite and breathtaking treatment of an environment.

Dale Chihuly is a genius and his work is not to be missed.

Photos of Dale Chihuly Exhibition

Blue Vase in Cactus-Dale Chihuly

Persian Chandlier-Dale Chihuly

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