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Bio for Carole Newhouse, Founder Newhouse Art Associates


Carole Newhouse has been an avid collector of art herself for more than three decades.  Her eclectic collection of art includes; Asian, African, Native American, contemporary and traditional. 


Newhouse Art Associates was founded due to the insistence by friends to help them incorporate art into their homes.  Friends, associates and board members would come to visit or to attend a meeting at her home and ask to buy a painting, drawing or lithograph from Carole’s personal collection.  At first the idea was rejected but gradually the notion that she could bring such joy to collector’s while helping them develop a spectacular collection of art for their home or office, won out and Newhouse Art Associates was born.


Carole Newhouse is a sculptor, published photographer and author of many articles on art and collecting.  She consults for collectors and galleries and she curated museum exhibitions with artists; Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Jules Olitski, Larry Poons, John Chamberlain, Bruce Helander, Trova, Duane Hanson and Hunt Slonem to name a few.


Newhouse Art Associates works with artists and galleries to advise them on websites and creates e-mail newsletters.


In the past Carole worked to create art content for the Microsoft Network and secured participation in IBM's beta shopping mall on the Internet as an art content provider, devised screens and helped IBM development team build the site.             


Newhouse Art Associates consulted for ArtSpeaks and worked with IQVC to provide art content for their television show by writing, producing, directing and co-hosting for nine programs.


Newhouse Art Associates published a lithograph “Waiting For Hot Water,” with artist Martin Mull and Master Printer Bruce Porter and published a screen-print “Storm Showers,” in London with Bruce Helander and Master Printer Brad Faine.  They can be purchased on the website.


Newhouse Art Associates was the sole agent for the Alice Baber Art Fund.  The firm has arranged exhibitions at the Naples Museum in Naples, Florida, Helander Galleries in Palm Beach and NY, Magidson Fine Art NY and Aspen, Co. Robert Thomas Galley Orlando, Fl. and was the liaison between the Australian Government and the Guggenheim Museum in the mounting of an exhibition and events including formal dinner for “Antipodean Currents.”


Carole is a graduate of programs at The Academy of Fine Arts, New York, The Fashion Institute of Technology, and New York University in appraisal studies in fine and decorative arts.

Study In Black-Carole Newhouse

Bronze Man-Carole Newhouse

Torso-Carole Newhouse

Girls at Santa Domingo Pueblo Dance-Carole Newhouse

Bridge Over Canal In Venice-Carole Newhouse


Newhouse Art Associates,    Carole@NewhouseArtAssociates.com,   212-628-2611