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Foyer-Promises Promises-Nancy Egol Nikkal

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by Carole I. Newhouse, Newhouse Art Associates, Inc.

Newhouse Art Associates was called to Atlantic City, NJ to consult for a client who had purchased a penthouse apartment on the beach. He was a bachelor who had furnished the apartment and now was looking to complete the interior. We spent time looking at artwork as well as the space. He decided on the artists that he wanted to collect and was particularly interested in the work of Nancy Egol Nikkal. I took photographs of the living room and dining room and drew up a plan of the apartment.

Upon returning to New York I immediately visited Nancy's studio and set about selecting the appropriate artwork. I also commissioned two paintings, one for each side of the entertainment center; the same size, related in color palette and style but different in design. In all I selected 17 pieces, including paintings and works on paper.

When all of the works of art were ready I returned to the penthouse and set to work. Two days later the living room and dining room were completed except for a sculpture which was ordered for the wall.

Works by Nancy Egol Nikkal were installed in the penthouse apartment of the client. Works included several paper collages, a collage and acrylic painting, mixed media prints, and 2 tall Jazz Babies paintings, commissioned especially for the project. Shown here are views of works hung in the dining room, the entrance foyer and the living room.

A satisfied client responded to a new environment with joy. By educating clients about different kinds of art, taking into consideration style, color and medium and then getting their input, it enables us to make decisions about which artists to include and which works of art. Art communicates who you are and what is unique about you. It is a crucial element in completing a space. When a painting or sculpture is added to a house or office, you create a dwelling or space with character and a new dimension of emotion and personality.

Carole Newhouse is an art consultant, curator, writer , sculptor and photographer. She works with interior designers, decorators, galleries and with private collectors. Carole can be reached at 212-628-2611.

Newhouse Art Associates,,   212-628-2611