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Fragrance Of A Rose- Roseline Koener



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Featured Artist

Roseline Koener,

The art of Roseline Koener is poetry in motion.  The oeuvre of her work is compelling.  Working with diffent materials, she uses inks and  pigments on hand sewn paper or fabric, applying brilliant colors she

then builds layer upon layer, creating a rythm and energy which resonates throughout.  Her installations consist of cones of textiles which are then hand wrapped with beautiful materials, resembling indigenous works and safe havens.  Exploring her work is an exciting experience which I know you will enjoy.


Sweet Rising Sun in Hong Kong, 2017, 69"x27", ink and pigments on handmade paper.

 Reflections About Paintigs From Artist Roseline Koener


A few years ago, I exhibited in Hong Kong and discovered an old antiques shop where I found ancient and damaged yellow scrolls. They inspired me to create something with them. Back in my studio, I felt inspired to superpose rhythms and vibrant colors while respecting the delicate background consisting of Chinese writings, dark rocks and waterfalls. From a basket full of colored papers, I chose pieces of transparent Japanese papers with pink and orange patterns. I spontaneously applied them on the surface, and these pieces gave the first rhythms to follow. 


I then applied a transparent coat of warm yellow ink to enlighten the space. I covered and uncovered different materials until they started to flow and sing to each other. In the bottom of the painting, I underlined the space by a sort-of-bridge with infinite horizontal nuances breaking the vertical flow.

         I needed to accentuate the following colors: light green, red and dark blue green, to open the sources of concentrated energies. They became like vibrant headlights circling and anchoring the wild, warm yellows. The painting was transformed from a dirty and neutral surface into a luminous sun-rising-cosmic-space.


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