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Symbolic Landscape with Kitten - Painting 41"x41"

Newhouse Art Associates


Newhouse Art Associates has been serving the art community for the last three decades by helping collectors establish an evolving collection, working with artists to expand  and extend into business channels, curating new and exciting museum and gallery exhibitions and bringing our artist’s portfolio to the attention of the directors. 


As you explore our website, you will experience our expertise in catering to the international art market on both a creative and business level. We  invite your comments, inquiries and input about our website so that we can better serve your needs.




Bill Drew

Bill Drew, a painter with deep roots to the past. Bill has a life long interest in Renaissance painting, influenced by his years spent in Florence, Italy as a Fulbright Scholar and as a professor at Rhode Island School of Design.  He teaches classes in Florence, Italy each year, enabling him to revisit his favorite artists and paintings.

As you will see when you view his paintings, color is a most important issue to Bill. "I use color to both complement and contradict the space in my paintings, seeking resolution in ambiguity."

 His palette is remarkable using subtle, brilliant colors, pure pigment that he seeks out from all over Europe, looking for and finding that rare color. " I paint with pure pigment suspended in natural binders, which gives me a deeply saturated color, intense yet soft in its own way, reminiscent of fresco painting," states Bill Drew.


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Invitation MOMA
Jack Frost Describes a Circle Painting 53"x67"

Carole Newhouse, Dale Chihuly, Leslie Chihuly

Dale Chihuly Exhibition Photos

Bruce Helander and Carole Newhouse Palm Beach

Carlos Rodriqez, Carole Newhouse, William Grusel and Rocky Barbetto

Hunt Slonem and Robert Zakanitch

Hunt Slonum and Robert Zakanitch at Helander Lecture

Gwenne Rivers,Ken Gordon, Ciria at Stefan Stux Opening

Ciria, Stefan Stux and Robert Morgan

Cocktail Party at the Atelier of CIRIA

and Exhibiton at Lehigh University's Zoellner Art Center

CIRIA and Carole at Lehigh University- Zoellner

Carole Newhouse with artist CIRIA

Ciria, Dr. Ted Feder, Dr. Marjana Blokar, Dr. Sharon Flescher

Cocktail Party Guests from Spain and London

Esther Repiso, Ken Gordon, Wilder Knight 111

Stefan Stux, Donald Kuspit and Jose Manuel Ciria







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